Art of Design and Living

The interior design emphasizes now eco-friendliness, recycled materials and design made out of wood. The focus is on the responsible production of the interior items. We want products to last long, even decades.

Beige and different shades of brown create a soft earthy atmosphere. The accent colors are fun to play with, especially blue and green. Beige is easily combined with other earthy colors such as burnt reddish or saffron yellow.

In the blue interior colors, focus is on strong but gentle shades. A small blue detail brings light and freshness to the interior. Also the color of natural olive will increase its popularity in interior colors. Beige is a perfect match for the olive green. The trend of interior and outdoor design is more down-to-earth with its genuine and organic materials.

Curved and round shapes are trendy in the interior. The furniture reflects a lot of 70s spirit that exudes soft lines.

Be creative, be playful and have fun decorating.